Bull in the city

There once was a girl and her delightfully snarky dog with a half a tail and a big attitude.

They lived in a busy city and spent lot’s of time walking. They were both happy; the girl worked and walked the dog and the snarky dog slept, walked, ate and snarked at other dogs but something was missing. Sometimes the girl looked deep into the snarky dog’s eyes when she was begging for table scraps and asked “What is it…what is the final piece to us truly having a truly wonderful life”

Then it hit her…what she and the snarky dog needed to be truly happy was…

Yes a dog wearing a hat that is what was missing (because you haven’t really LIVED until you have a dog wearing a hat)..actually what was REALLY missing was a PIT BULL (although the hat was a nice extra).

Not only do bull’s live in barn’s, farmer’s fields and china shops but they also live in the big city too. This blog chronicle’s the adventure of my foster pit bull Bing and his adventures (lot’s of them involve sleeping).


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