Not a smooth operator

Bing is a bit nerdy when it comes to other dogs. He is friendly and wants to say hi but definitely is NOT a smooth operator. No slowly siddling up and checking them out or showing the ladies how high he can lift his leg to pee for this boy. Oh no. Instead he makes an odd high pitched chirping sound and hops on his two front feet in hope’s of attracting friend’s.I just want to whisper in his little flappy ears that it’s the cool, subtle guys that get the cute poodles.

As a result of his slight nerdiness he hasn’t met that special someone yet but he does enjoy playing with his foster sister Ms. J

They love to play with their Bumi tug toy (from West Paw designs…it is shaped like an S).

But after a while Bing get’s tired and need’s a rest (Ms. J keeps going)

And then she just drags him around the room because he is to lazy to get up.

He also met a new boxer friend named Orbit recently (who is blind) and enjoyed sharing a lap with him

Any lady pups out their looking for a buff, handsome yet slightly socialy awkward pit bull? He may not be suave but he sure is sweet


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