Bing and the Apocalypse

I have been a neglectful and insensitive naked dog owner the past two days. In my own defense I have never owned a naked dog before (note; as I am reading this post in my head I am in fact pronouncing it NEKKED….like with a red neck twang so please consider doing the same).

Yesterday and today has not been pleasant. Windy. Rainy. A bit of snow. Unseasonable temperatures for sure but not bone chillingly cold.Bing acts like the Apocalypse is coming and treats each walk like an arduous journey. He pins his flappy pit bull ears back tucks his whippy tail and closes his eyes.Sometimes he lifts his paws in the air. Each rain drop hitting him is like a bullet piercing his delicate skin and he shudders.He looks downright pathetic and miserable.

Bing says “whhhhhat you want me to go outside in THAT weather”

I need to confess the thought of putting his winter jacket on never even crossed my mind. Rookie mistake.Last night was very windy and wet and despite my intentions to tough it out and force the dogs for at least an hour walk after work the walk was cut short. J-Girl was wild when she came inside and took all the toys out of her basket and rolled around on her back whining trying to get Bing to play.

Naked Bing would have none of it. After  inhaling his dinner he curled up on the couch (head on pillow of course) sighed and fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the evening even though he had been sleeping all day in his crate and his walk had not been long. I covered him with a blanket and tucked him in. His hard fought battle against the cold, wind and rain had sucked away all his energy. Lesson learned;  naked dogs need to be properly outfitted at all times.

Bing recovering from his “walking naked in the rain” ordeal.


My own little Hannibal: The token BSL post

Sometimes I call Bing “little hannibal” in reference to Hannibal Lecter. Full disclosure: I have never seen Silence of the Lamb’s but I hear Hannibal is a pretty creepy guy and says “Clarisse” in a very sadistic way.

But the reason I call Bing “little Hannibal” is not related to his temperament .

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal

Bing as “little Hannibal”

Is the resemblance not striking?

This blog is about Bing and his adventures and what an AWESOME dog he is in hope’s of attracting potential adopters so I like to keep it lighthearted. However, as someone living in Ontario with a (foster) pit bull I felt a duty to do at least one post addressing the “pit bull ban” in Ontario.

Bing is not wearing the muzzle because he is aggressive towards animal or people or because he needs it (and certainly not because he is similar to Hannibal Lecter).Unfortunately, because of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Ontario Bing must wear a muzzle and be leashed when outside. It also means that, because he is two years old, that he must be adopted outside Ontario (so to answer everyone’s question of whether I will be keeping him the answer is NO since that would be illegal). This means he is looking for a home in a BSL free area of one of Canada’s other provinces.

I am not going to dwell on this but I am going to provide you with a link to an overview of the laws pit bull’s face in Ontario;

I won’t delve too into the nitty gritty of the law itself (although my love of analyzing public policy really wants to..but that would just be really boring) but let’s just say that, while the muzzle is the most visible sign of how pit bull’s are treated differently and an aspect many people dwell on it is not the worst aspect by any means. There is a lot going on in Ontario right now to try and change the law and have it repealed and I truly hope it does.

Meanwhile, little Hannibal Bing doesn’t mind his muzzle and doesn’t seem to notice when people give him dirty looks. He is a happy dog, muzzled or not and for him muzzle (along with his leash)= walk so he run’s towards me whenever I bring it out. In some respects, I think it impacts me more than him because I can see people judging him whereas he is oblivious and just happy to be out walking. On the more positive side, a lot of people have come up to me to say what a nice well behaved dog he is and how unfair the law is. Plus I’ve practiced and developed an awesome ability to shove treats in his muzzle so that I can do training on walks.

Bing-a-ling: Expert NHL play off predictor

The NHL play offs are well under way and being the couch potato that he is Bing is constantly checking score’s and stats. He has made the following well researched predictions

OTTAWA SENS VS NY RANGERS:Bing picks Ottawa. Obviously. They are the best team ever and no one is allowed to cheer for any other team if they would like to continue to live under the same roof as me ESPECIALLY not the maple leafs.Bing is a very smart boy.

PENS VS FLYERS:Pens…yes they are down 3-0 but being a bit of an under dog himself, he really connects with the situation of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Plus penguins look like they would be fun to chase.

PREDS VS RED WINGS: Preds. Cool name. Plus Bing has a crush on Shea Weber. Also, the red wing’s have won enough,

ST.LOUIS BLUES VS SJ SHARKS: Who care’s…but Bing pics the blues. They had a hugggge turn around this season. Plus former Ottawa sens Brian Elliot is one of the goalies and he seems like a nice guy.

VANCOUVER CANUCKS VS LA KINGS: Wish Bing had said Canucks but he felt he had to go to LA do to the dominant performances of Jonathan Quick and the dominant DIVES by Canuck (and american) Ryan Kessler

BLACK HAWKS VS PHOENIX: This one was a tough one for Bing..former underachieving Sen Antoine Vermette has been snipping timely g’s lately and Mike Smith, despite his non descript name has been pretty spectacular between the pipe’s. However, his love for Jonathan Toews solid two way play and clutch scoring and both Patrick’s (Kane and Sharpe’s) slick moves has him picking the hawks.

BOSTON VS WASHINGTON: The Binger goes with Boston. Washington has been pretty lame most of the year. Although Tim Thomas’ political antics and boycotting of the white house visit kinda pissed him off (he’s pretty patriotic and tries to stay out of politics).

FLORIDA PANTHERS VS NJ DEVILS: So so hard for Bing to decide. Both have goalie’s you really want to root for…I mean Brodeur is winding down his career and it would be nice to see him win a cup. At the same time Theodore has overcome a lot of adversity since his vesina winning days and had some tough time’s on and off the ice. The fact that Theodore has never won a cup and Marty already has some the fact the Florida Panthers haven’t made the play off’s in 10 years having him rooting for the Panthers.


Obedience school superstar

Do you think Bing looks any different?

Maybe a touch wiser. Perhaps a touch more refined. Taking up company with Einstein.

Well that is because Bing-a-ling is an official obedience school graduate. For the past six weeks Bing has been introduced to clicker training and learned the following things (some are in progress and we will have to work on these more at home):

  • Touch (my hand);
  • Touching his nose to a target stick and following it through my legs.
  • Cleaned up his sit and down so he responds to both vocal and hand cues
  • Doggy zen/self control exercises (such as teaching them not to take food in your hand/on the ground until you give them the okay)
  • Attention and focus exercises/response to name.
  • Responding to cue’s from a distance
  • Going to lay down on his mat
  • Stand
  • Loose leash walking

The best part of obedience was watching Bing blossom. At first he lost focus and needed quite a few breaks and often had ‘checked out’ by the end of class. However he soon became a super focused keener who looked forward to each click/treat. By the end he never wanted to take a break (tried to work through them when dogs were on “recess”). Even when a neighbor dog came over and jumped on him to play Bing did not acknowledge the dog and remained focused on the task at hand.

What’s next for this obedience superstar? For now, we will continue practicing at home and on walks. In the future I could definitely see Bing doing agility for fun and I bet he would do really well with Rally or tracking. Both are a little bit more of a slower pace which seems to be his style

Queen J

Queen J is pretty selective about which dogs are allowed to be in her life. It was pretty rough when Bing Bing arrived…let’s just say she did NOT roll out the welcoming mat and bake him cookies for his arrival. Poor Bing was terrified of the snarling Ms. J. Luckily thing’s settled down pretty quickly and Queen J decided the Binger could continue to breath and she could co exist with him. I knew Bing was ” in” as soon as J girl coyly sidled up to him and gave him a wee butt bump/hip check. I mean, being a Queen it’s not like she was going to stoop to the level of hysterically squealing with glee to welcome him. Bing for his part did all the right things to appease her, keeping his distance and not forcing himself on her

Now they go on walks together (and yes J-girl is happier than she look’s in this photo!)

Chill together (Jersey look’s pretty awkward here haha)

They even beg together!

But best of all is when they snuggle. This may not look like snuggling to you but it’s as close as J-girl get’s to snuggling

and again..remember I call anything where J allows another dog to touch her “cuddling”

No pictures but sometimes they lay on the ground and wrestle and lick each others faces which is pretty darn cute. Of course I always have to be on the look out for any  overly bossy/rude behavior from Queen J and save Bing from her occasionally.

Collar mania

Having a pretty/cool/kick ass collar for your dog can seem rather frivolous

I mean what dog needs 3 collars?

J-Girl in her three pretty collars (the Cat in the Hat one on top is from The Hydrant and the pink and purple one are both from Crazy Beautiful Collars)

And a close up

Or even 2 (Bing actually came wearing a red one so he has three as well). Peace Collar is from Crazy Beautiful Collars and the argyle is from Fitabull

Far from being frivolous I think pretty collars are ESPECIALLY important for a pit bull. When I am out with Bing in one of his vibrant collars (along with his baby blue muzzle and floral leash and sometimes even a brightly patterned coat) many people approach me to say what a great collar I have and then pet Bing. It’s hard to be scared of a dog in a peace signs collar!

Maybe I am wrong but I really need to justify my two entire coat hooks filled with collars

Easter (mis)adventures

It’s been 2 months since I started fostering Bing for Bullies In Need and time has flown by.

This Easter weekend was our first holiday together and being the hip pit bull he is Bing had a full callendar of activities.

He met my Mom, Dad and sister. This was all of their first time meeting a pit bull and he quickly showed them what a lover he was. He slept next to my sister every night and was so cozy he was reluctant to wake up and go for his morning walk. Every time I woke him up and nudged him off the bed he followed me for a minute and then silently snuck back into bed. This resulted in me pondering a name change from Bing to SLOTH. He finally managed to drag his butt out of bed for a walk.

Bing says “I don’t wannnnnna get up”

We also went to the Marlies game (AHL hockey afffiliate of the Toronto Maple Leaps) as it was bring your dog day.I don’t actually recommend doing this. It was really badly set up with no room for the dogs to sit and all the dogs looked pretty stressed out and uncomfortable. Bing sat in his own seat for a while but being a delicate flower he was not impressed at the lack of comfort and coldness of the plastic seats. He much preferred sitting in my lap or spreading out across mine and my sister’s lap and wresting his head on my Dad.

Bing “pre shit” at the Marlies game

Near the end of the second period I decided to take him for a bit of a walk and noticed he was looking a bit…uncomfortable and I raced down the stairs to get him outside. Unfortunately feet from the door he squatted and took a big dump inside..right in front of many people. Luckily, I have a good sense of humor so I picked up what I could and hastily headed for the exit. Poor guy! He was having an upset tummy and I guess he just couldn’t hold it anymore

On the plus side he did meet quite a few people who commented on how well behaved he was, met a few dogs and wasn’t scared by all the loud noises.

After all this fun and excitement Bing has been slothing it up most of the day. Sleeping, snoring and snuggling