Easter (mis)adventures

It’s been 2 months since I started fostering Bing for Bullies In Need and time has flown by.

This Easter weekend was our first holiday together and being the hip pit bull he is Bing had a full callendar of activities.

He met my Mom, Dad and sister. This was all of their first time meeting a pit bull and he quickly showed them what a lover he was. He slept next to my sister every night and was so cozy he was reluctant to wake up and go for his morning walk. Every time I woke him up and nudged him off the bed he followed me for a minute and then silently snuck back into bed. This resulted in me pondering a name change from Bing to SLOTH. He finally managed to drag his butt out of bed for a walk.

Bing says “I don’t wannnnnna get up”

We also went to the Marlies game (AHL hockey afffiliate of the Toronto Maple Leaps) as it was bring your dog day.I don’t actually recommend doing this. It was really badly set up with no room for the dogs to sit and all the dogs looked pretty stressed out and uncomfortable. Bing sat in his own seat for a while but being a delicate flower he was not impressed at the lack of comfort and coldness of the plastic seats. He much preferred sitting in my lap or spreading out across mine and my sister’s lap and wresting his head on my Dad.

Bing “pre shit” at the Marlies game

Near the end of the second period I decided to take him for a bit of a walk and noticed he was looking a bit…uncomfortable and I raced down the stairs to get him outside. Unfortunately feet from the door he squatted and took a big dump inside..right in front of many people. Luckily, I have a good sense of humor so I picked up what I could and hastily headed for the exit. Poor guy! He was having an upset tummy and I guess he just couldn’t hold it anymore

On the plus side he did meet quite a few people who commented on how well behaved he was, met a few dogs and wasn’t scared by all the loud noises.

After all this fun and excitement Bing has been slothing it up most of the day. Sleeping, snoring and snuggling


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