Collar mania

Having a pretty/cool/kick ass collar for your dog can seem rather frivolous

I mean what dog needs 3 collars?

J-Girl in her three pretty collars (the Cat in the Hat one on top is from The Hydrant and the pink and purple one are both from Crazy Beautiful Collars)

And a close up

Or even 2 (Bing actually came wearing a red one so he has three as well). Peace Collar is from Crazy Beautiful Collars and the argyle is from Fitabull

Far from being frivolous I think pretty collars are ESPECIALLY important for a pit bull. When I am out with Bing in one of his vibrant collars (along with his baby blue muzzle and floral leash and sometimes even a brightly patterned coat) many people approach me to say what a great collar I have and then pet Bing. It’s hard to be scared of a dog in a peace signs collar!

Maybe I am wrong but I really need to justify my two entire coat hooks filled with collars


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