Queen J

Queen J is pretty selective about which dogs are allowed to be in her life. It was pretty rough when Bing Bing arrived…let’s just say she did NOT roll out the welcoming mat and bake him cookies for his arrival. Poor Bing was terrified of the snarling Ms. J. Luckily thing’s settled down pretty quickly and Queen J decided the Binger could continue to breath and she could co exist with him. I knew Bing was ” in” as soon as J girl coyly sidled up to him and gave him a wee butt bump/hip check. I mean, being a Queen it’s not like she was going to stoop to the level of hysterically squealing with glee to welcome him. Bing for his part did all the right things to appease her, keeping his distance and not forcing himself on her

Now they go on walks together (and yes J-girl is happier than she look’s in this photo!)

Chill together (Jersey look’s pretty awkward here haha)

They even beg together!

But best of all is when they snuggle. This may not look like snuggling to you but it’s as close as J-girl get’s to snuggling

and again..remember I call anything where J allows another dog to touch her “cuddling”

No pictures but sometimes they lay on the ground and wrestle and lick each others faces which is pretty darn cute. Of course I always have to be on the look out for any  overly bossy/rude behavior from Queen J and save Bing from her occasionally.


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