Obedience school superstar

Do you think Bing looks any different?

Maybe a touch wiser. Perhaps a touch more refined. Taking up company with Einstein.

Well that is because Bing-a-ling is an official obedience school graduate. For the past six weeks Bing has been introduced to clicker training and learned the following things (some are in progress and we will have to work on these more at home):

  • Touch (my hand);
  • Touching his nose to a target stick and following it through my legs.
  • Cleaned up his sit and down so he responds to both vocal and hand cues
  • Doggy zen/self control exercises (such as teaching them not to take food in your hand/on the ground until you give them the okay)
  • Attention and focus exercises/response to name.
  • Responding to cue’s from a distance
  • Going to lay down on his mat
  • Stand
  • Loose leash walking

The best part of obedience was watching Bing blossom. At first he lost focus and needed quite a few breaks and often had ‘checked out’ by the end of class. However he soon became a super focused keener who looked forward to each click/treat. By the end he never wanted to take a break (tried to work through them when dogs were on “recess”). Even when a neighbor dog came over and jumped on him to play Bing did not acknowledge the dog and remained focused on the task at hand.

What’s next for this obedience superstar? For now, we will continue practicing at home and on walks. In the future I could definitely see Bing doing agility for fun and I bet he would do really well with Rally or tracking. Both are a little bit more of a slower pace which seems to be his style


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