Bing-a-ling: Expert NHL play off predictor

The NHL play offs are well under way and being the couch potato that he is Bing is constantly checking score’s and stats. He has made the following well researched predictions

OTTAWA SENS VS NY RANGERS:Bing picks Ottawa. Obviously. They are the best team ever and no one is allowed to cheer for any other team if they would like to continue to live under the same roof as me ESPECIALLY not the maple leafs.Bing is a very smart boy.

PENS VS FLYERS:Pens…yes they are down 3-0 but being a bit of an under dog himself, he really connects with the situation of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Plus penguins look like they would be fun to chase.

PREDS VS RED WINGS: Preds. Cool name. Plus Bing has a crush on Shea Weber. Also, the red wing’s have won enough,

ST.LOUIS BLUES VS SJ SHARKS: Who care’s…but Bing pics the blues. They had a hugggge turn around this season. Plus former Ottawa sens Brian Elliot is one of the goalies and he seems like a nice guy.

VANCOUVER CANUCKS VS LA KINGS: Wish Bing had said Canucks but he felt he had to go to LA do to the dominant performances of Jonathan Quick and the dominant DIVES by Canuck (and american) Ryan Kessler

BLACK HAWKS VS PHOENIX: This one was a tough one for Bing..former underachieving Sen Antoine Vermette has been snipping timely g’s lately and Mike Smith, despite his non descript name has been pretty spectacular between the pipe’s. However, his love for Jonathan Toews solid two way play and clutch scoring and both Patrick’s (Kane and Sharpe’s) slick moves has him picking the hawks.

BOSTON VS WASHINGTON: The Binger goes with Boston. Washington has been pretty lame most of the year. Although Tim Thomas’ political antics and boycotting of the white house visit kinda pissed him off (he’s pretty patriotic and tries to stay out of politics).

FLORIDA PANTHERS VS NJ DEVILS: So so hard for Bing to decide. Both have goalie’s you really want to root for…I mean Brodeur is winding down his career and it would be nice to see him win a cup. At the same time Theodore has overcome a lot of adversity since his vesina winning days and had some tough time’s on and off the ice. The fact that Theodore has never won a cup and Marty already has some the fact the Florida Panthers haven’t made the play off’s in 10 years having him rooting for the Panthers.



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