My own little Hannibal: The token BSL post

Sometimes I call Bing “little hannibal” in reference to Hannibal Lecter. Full disclosure: I have never seen Silence of the Lamb’s but I hear Hannibal is a pretty creepy guy and says “Clarisse” in a very sadistic way.

But the reason I call Bing “little Hannibal” is not related to his temperament .

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal

Bing as “little Hannibal”

Is the resemblance not striking?

This blog is about Bing and his adventures and what an AWESOME dog he is in hope’s of attracting potential adopters so I like to keep it lighthearted. However, as someone living in Ontario with a (foster) pit bull I felt a duty to do at least one post addressing the “pit bull ban” in Ontario.

Bing is not wearing the muzzle because he is aggressive towards animal or people or because he needs it (and certainly not because he is similar to Hannibal Lecter).Unfortunately, because of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Ontario Bing must wear a muzzle and be leashed when outside. It also means that, because he is two years old, that he must be adopted outside Ontario (so to answer everyone’s question of whether I will be keeping him the answer is NO since that would be illegal). This means he is looking for a home in a BSL free area of one of Canada’s other provinces.

I am not going to dwell on this but I am going to provide you with a link to an overview of the laws pit bull’s face in Ontario;

I won’t delve too into the nitty gritty of the law itself (although my love of analyzing public policy really wants to..but that would just be really boring) but let’s just say that, while the muzzle is the most visible sign of how pit bull’s are treated differently and an aspect many people dwell on it is not the worst aspect by any means. There is a lot going on in Ontario right now to try and change the law and have it repealed and I truly hope it does.

Meanwhile, little Hannibal Bing doesn’t mind his muzzle and doesn’t seem to notice when people give him dirty looks. He is a happy dog, muzzled or not and for him muzzle (along with his leash)= walk so he run’s towards me whenever I bring it out. In some respects, I think it impacts me more than him because I can see people judging him whereas he is oblivious and just happy to be out walking. On the more positive side, a lot of people have come up to me to say what a nice well behaved dog he is and how unfair the law is. Plus I’ve practiced and developed an awesome ability to shove treats in his muzzle so that I can do training on walks.


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