Bing and the Apocalypse

I have been a neglectful and insensitive naked dog owner the past two days. In my own defense I have never owned a naked dog before (note; as I am reading this post in my head I am in fact pronouncing it NEKKED….like with a red neck twang so please consider doing the same).

Yesterday and today has not been pleasant. Windy. Rainy. A bit of snow. Unseasonable temperatures for sure but not bone chillingly cold.Bing acts like the Apocalypse is coming and treats each walk like an arduous journey. He pins his flappy pit bull ears back tucks his whippy tail and closes his eyes.Sometimes he lifts his paws in the air. Each rain drop hitting him is like a bullet piercing his delicate skin and he shudders.He looks downright pathetic and miserable.

Bing says “whhhhhat you want me to go outside in THAT weather”

I need to confess the thought of putting his winter jacket on never even crossed my mind. Rookie mistake.Last night was very windy and wet and despite my intentions to tough it out and force the dogs for at least an hour walk after work the walk was cut short. J-Girl was wild when she came inside and took all the toys out of her basket and rolled around on her back whining trying to get Bing to play.

Naked Bing would have none of it. After  inhaling his dinner he curled up on the couch (head on pillow of course) sighed and fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the evening even though he had been sleeping all day in his crate and his walk had not been long. I covered him with a blanket and tucked him in. His hard fought battle against the cold, wind and rain had sucked away all his energy. Lesson learned;  naked dogs need to be properly outfitted at all times.

Bing recovering from his “walking naked in the rain” ordeal.


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