Nobody’s perfect: Mr. chill loses his cool

I want to be balanced in how I portray Bing and let potential adopter’s know of any less than perfect aspects about the Binger. It was really hard to find any faults (other than occasional bad gas and a proclivity towards stealing your spot on the couch if you get up) but I know of one situation when Mr. Cool Cumber Bing-a-ling goes nutty..

Bing is a laid back kinda guy most of the time. The type a guy who like’s the simpler things in life, sleeping, napping, resting in comfortable places, eating… He’s up for walks and training but also enjoys a good chill session and is always up for lounging..

While Ms. J is always on alert and gets exited at any quick movements and is ready to go into herding mode,Bing barely bats an eyelash in the face of excitement. Kids on long boards screaming and having a stick fight? “YAWN” says Bing. Child sprinting up to him out of nowhere and tapping him on the head? “No biggie.” Group of children petting Bing and flittering around excitedly? Bing’s paws remain firmly planted on the ground and instead of jumping all over the kids he gently leans in for more petting and wags his tail. Other dogs around? Bing is curious but isn’t interested in yanking my arm off to go say hi.

You know when people say “take a chill pill man” well, Bing has already taken his chill pill and is ready to chillax at all times.Well, that’s a lie..he is chill MOST of the time.

When Bing see’s some of his favorite wildlife friends outside his chill pill suddenly wears off and he loses his cool. SQUIRREL! CHIPMUNK! DEER! Bing’s whole body quivers when he see’s them. Sometimes he screams in excitement. The other day he pulled me over to a tree and jumped/climbed almost 7 feet trying to chase a chipmunk. I had no idea that this coach potato was capable of such high level athletic endeavors!  He has an amazingly quick on/off switch and it activates within seconds of seeing wildlife and deactivates immediately on finding a couch/bed to lay on.Ducks and birds don’t do it for him…just the furry one’s. On my elementary school report cards I often got “Needs Improvement” (rather than “Excellent” or “Satisfactory”). While Bing get’s an “excellent” in many categories his squirrel/chipmunk behavior is DEFINITELY in need of improvement.

These chipmunks elicit NO response from Bing 


These chipmunks are a different story..


Oh and PLEASE no pet squirrels or chipmunks in his adoptive home. Bing definitely needs a chippy and squirrel free home 😉

Here is Bing on squirrel watch this morning




Mr. Sensitivity: Hot, hot, hot!

It’s been a lot warmer this week and Bing has shown himself to be quite sensitive to the heat.  This is what a regular walk (and after) looks like with Bing when the temperature rises

Bing slows right down and moves slowly indicating that he needs a break. I oblige and he lays in the grass. Here he is observing a construction site. He also did a lot of rolling in the grass and grunting and charmed several passerby’s into petting him. Bing was particularly fond of a man with missing teeth pushing a cart with fishing gear who stopped to rub his tummy.

Another walk and another laying down break for the Binger. He was observing all the people milling around the park.

When Bing get’s home he passes out.

TOO TIRED TO MOVE. Jersey does not look impressed by his behavior

Sometimes he passes out on the floor and sometimes on the couch. He was not pleased that I disturbed his sleep to take this picture

Bing generally remains passed out in a near coma post walk ignoring Jersey shoving toys in his face until dinner time or if I bring out a treat. In these cases he goes from sluggish/sloth like to alert in an instant

I am guessing that when the real heat waves start hitting Bing is barely going to make it to to the end of the block and back. Poor Mr. sensitive Bing. He is definitely going to want air conditioning this summer too.

Bing has a hot date: Weekend update

My little man Bing is growing up fast. He had his first real date on Saturday. I helped him pick out his outfight (naked with a blue and yellow argyle collar) and made sure his baby blue muzzle didn’t have too much dirt on it and we set off on our way. Being a young man I didn’t think it appropriate to send him of on his own and ensured that both the young lady and him were chaperoned. His date was a lovely black pit bull (and Bullies in Need alumni Quill) and they were quite the pair in there fancy collars (she was clad in cheetah print) and muzzles. They mostly ignored one another but were content to walk side by side on leash.I consider this date a great success! No they weren’t pulling to get to each other or trying to play but I always consider it a WIN when dogs are content to just be around one another and not react.

After his date we went to the pet store where he charmed everyone with his calm demeanor and managed to score lots and lots of treats from store employees. He’s a smooth operator when it comes to coning people into doling out treats and petting. No jumping up or barking for this boy. Instead he works his puppy dog eyes and quietly leans into people for petting (and treats). Smooth Bing. Smooth.

After his big date, walk and eating his weight in cookies at the pet store Bing was falling asleep while standing and I nearly needed to carry him home. He stopped a few times for a roll in the grass/lay down but with my words of encouragement he was able to complete the three minutes walk from the subway station unassisted. He came home and promptly passed out for the rest of the day. Typical man.

So so so tired


Biggest accomplishment of the weekend: No vomiting

Despite being a young, strapping, gorgeous boy  Bing  isn’t into partying like many of his peers. No need  to spend his weekends cruisen for ladies when he lives with such beauties as Jersey and myself! Plus, well, he’s kinda-sorta-really awkward and would definitely be standing in a corner by himself smiling creepily if he ever went to a frat party.

Instead Bing prefer’s to spend his weekends sleeping in (in bed of course)

Sunbathing with J-Girl (she picks her spot first of course and he is smart enough to give her space)

I even bought a pillow for Bing’s head when he is laying on the couch (it’s pretty big and heavy ya know!). He loved the pillow and spent much of the weekend resting his head on it

He looked so cozy that I decided to join him. I don’t think he minded.

Now the parts of the weekend I DON’T have pictures of; Bing almost puking. Bing’s Auntie P came to visit to drive  him to the vet for a check up and shots. I don’t have a car and usually when we do go in them I am in the back seat with him (because I am a sucker..also because sometimes someone is in the front seat). As the ride progressed their was quite a bit of stop and start traffic and Bing started looking a bit uncomfortable. He flattened his ears back, his eyes got all big and he was licking his lips A LOT. He is a white dog and I SWEAR he looked green. Sometimes you have to be thankful for the little things in life and this weekend I am glad that Bing a ling DID NOT puke in Auntie P’s car.

Not to downplay his other weekend accomplishments like sleeping, working on some obedience, mingling at the pet store, sleeping some more and being well behaved when the vet examined him but at the very moment we pulled up to the vet and there was no vomit it in the back seat I honestly felt like Bing had just won a gold medal. Way to keep your stomach contents inside buddy! Gold starrrrrrr.

The ride back from the vet was much smoother.Bing passed out on the way home and slept off his near-puke experience for the rest of the night.

Emerging from the closet: Confessions of a dog lover

This blog is about Bing. The fact I have a blog dedicated to a dog is probably a good indication I like dogs. So is the fact I am home on a Friday night chillin with my fave peeps, Bing and J-girl, instead of out on the town.

At one point in time I attempted to subdue and mute my obsession with dogs. In grade school I was severely nerdy (not to be confused with smart or academically inclined- I was a horrible student) and walked around with animal themed clothing (super cool border collie sweatshirt was a well worn favorite). While most pre-teen girls had a subscription to seventeen I had a subscription to Dog Fancy. I also made regrettable fashion choices beyond dog themed clothing such as scrunchies, thick bangs and fake tear away pants (not the cool kind…the kind that had sewn together buttons and didn’t actually tearaway from Zellers) but I digress.

Once I moved on to big bad high school and on to the even bigger and badder University I decided I was over dogs. I mean I still pet them and maintained my encyclopedic knowledge of dog breeds but I closeted my obsession. I dabbled in drama, sports and politics (note: I still really like public policy so yes I DO have interests outside dogs). But I felt weird inside. Uneasy.Empty. Like I was keeping a horrible secret. I tried to push it aside and smother it but it came to a breaking point. My love for dogs re-emerged. With a vengeance.

The main books on my bookshelves are on dog behavior (we can thank Ms. snark pants-dog-reactive Jersey for that as well as the education on how to handle reactive dogs).I bought a children’s toybox from ikea and filled it with dog toys.

I have not one but TWO cupboards dedicated to dog treats and food. One contains J and Bing’s respective bags of food and the other contains treats, clickers and toys/balls

Before buying any type of clothing of furniture I consider how it would co-exist with dog hair. I care less and less with each passing day that my black work pants have white Bing hair’s and golden Jersey hairs clinging to them, even when they are freshly laundered.

The bangs and border collie sweatshirt from middle school are gone (as are the tearaway but not real tearaway pants) but the canine obsession clearly remains. Yet it has shifted and goes beyond spoiling Bing and Jersey with toys and treats and happy romps in the park…which was pretty much what I envisioned when my obsession began. My obsession now manifests itself more as an intense drive to bring out the best in my dogs. It means a lot of hard work and dedication and is not a responsibility I take lightly.Especially with Bing. In my world, I see Bing as a cuddly, easygoing, obedient and loving dog. To the general public Bing has two strikes against him right off the bat; he is a muscular dog with a big head (pit bull) and is muzzled in public. He is also a pit bull that needs a home and the more work and training I put into him the more attractive he will be to potential adopters (although he is pretty darn handsome obedient or not).When I walk him I am quite aware that he and his breed are being judged. This motivates me even more to work with Bing to ensure he is an ambassador for his breed and help him become the best dog he can be. I guess you could call it an obsession.

In short, I am wiser in the sense that I now make a concerted effort to include non-dog themed clothes in my wardrobe at least a few times a week and try to engage in non-dog related conversation at least a few times a day. But the closet doors are open; I am obsessed with bringing out the best in my dogs.

Bing respects his elder’s

What’s cuter than babies and dogs? ELDERLY people and dogs! Old people they love Bing and he loves them right back.It’s like they have a magnetic attraction to him.

I had Bing out and about this weekend visiting pet stores, promenading around new neighborhoods and exploring trails. I was walking in an area with lots of families. Of course being a superstar dog Bing attracts a lot of looks (note: I call Bing a superstar to boost his confidence because the looks are not always positive). Can’t really blame them since he is super fashionable in his multi- colored coat and baby blue muzzle with sparkly bone decorations and peace sign or argyle collar (he alternates depending on his mood). Not to mention his striking coloring and wagging tail.

Bing on a sunny Sunday dressed in his finest

Throughout the day a stunning pattern emerged; frail elderly woman love Bing.

The first encounter happened on a busy side walk. An elderly woman tottering along stopped me as I was about to cross the street to tell me that Bing looked like “a board game” because of his colorful coat. She then bent down (my heart stopped beating because she nearly fell backwards into the road) and pet Bing. That’s when Bing went for it. He approached her slowly wagging his tail and nuzzled her ever so gently and leaned in for a pet. He was perfect. Just the right amount of friendliness without over the top exuberance and so gentle. My heart swelled even further when she told me what a well behaved dog I had and how she knew all about the pit bull ban and did not agree with it.

The next incident occurred on the subway on the way home. I keep Bing right next to me so he doesn’t bother anyone and we went and took our usual spot at the back. Two people looked nervous and one got up and left. I shouldn’t be bothered by it but it made me a bit sad. That’s when I saw a frail elderly woman rushing towards us with her grocery cart (which did double duty as a sort of make shift walker) from the other end of the train to come to me (her husband dutifully followed behind but was not enthused). She immediately sat down next to me and beckoned Bing over. He again was perfect. He wiggled and wagged his tail and leaned in gently for a pet and sat down next right next to her (not on the seat). She thanked me profusely when leaving the subway (almost missed her stop because she was too busy petting Bing) for sharing my wonderful dog with her.

On the short walk from the station the trifecta was completed; another older lady approached us and smiled as she watched Bing  rolling in the grass and told me what a nice dog I had.

With all the attention from the older ladies and their clear attraction to Bing I am wondering if Betty White would like to meet him? I mean she has some pretty sweet connections and I am sure he could work his charm enough to get her to include him in a TV show or movie with her.

In all seriousness, I was super proud of how gentle and kind Bing was with all of these elderly ladies.