Bing respects his elder’s

What’s cuter than babies and dogs? ELDERLY people and dogs! Old people they love Bing and he loves them right back.It’s like they have a magnetic attraction to him.

I had Bing out and about this weekend visiting pet stores, promenading around new neighborhoods and exploring trails. I was walking in an area with lots of families. Of course being a superstar dog Bing attracts a lot of looks (note: I call Bing a superstar to boost his confidence because the looks are not always positive). Can’t really blame them since he is super fashionable in his multi- colored coat and baby blue muzzle with sparkly bone decorations and peace sign or argyle collar (he alternates depending on his mood). Not to mention his striking coloring and wagging tail.

Bing on a sunny Sunday dressed in his finest

Throughout the day a stunning pattern emerged; frail elderly woman love Bing.

The first encounter happened on a busy side walk. An elderly woman tottering along stopped me as I was about to cross the street to tell me that Bing looked like “a board game” because of his colorful coat. She then bent down (my heart stopped beating because she nearly fell backwards into the road) and pet Bing. That’s when Bing went for it. He approached her slowly wagging his tail and nuzzled her ever so gently and leaned in for a pet. He was perfect. Just the right amount of friendliness without over the top exuberance and so gentle. My heart swelled even further when she told me what a well behaved dog I had and how she knew all about the pit bull ban and did not agree with it.

The next incident occurred on the subway on the way home. I keep Bing right next to me so he doesn’t bother anyone and we went and took our usual spot at the back. Two people looked nervous and one got up and left. I shouldn’t be bothered by it but it made me a bit sad. That’s when I saw a frail elderly woman rushing towards us with her grocery cart (which did double duty as a sort of make shift walker) from the other end of the train to come to me (her husband dutifully followed behind but was not enthused). She immediately sat down next to me and beckoned Bing over. He again was perfect. He wiggled and wagged his tail and leaned in gently for a pet and sat down next right next to her (not on the seat). She thanked me profusely when leaving the subway (almost missed her stop because she was too busy petting Bing) for sharing my wonderful dog with her.

On the short walk from the station the trifecta was completed; another older lady approached us and smiled as she watched Bing  rolling in the grass and told me what a nice dog I had.

With all the attention from the older ladies and their clear attraction to Bing I am wondering if Betty White would like to meet him? I mean she has some pretty sweet connections and I am sure he could work his charm enough to get her to include him in a TV show or movie with her.

In all seriousness, I was super proud of how gentle and kind Bing was with all of these elderly ladies.


4 thoughts on “Bing respects his elder’s

  1. Sure does. On a side note…again my spelling and grammar is horrendous. Most glaringly I have forgotten how to use apostrophes.I always do these posts at the end of the day when I am tired and it shows!

    • lol I tend to have awkward sentences or repeat a certain word over and over again. Don’t worry about it I figure no ones paying me to do this and really we all can understand what I’m trying to say. I didn’t even notice I was too interested in what your Dude was up to ….. 🙂

      • Thank you for your kind words but I am sure there are DEFINITELY grammar freaks out there who are twitching and gritting there teeth at all my grammar/spelling/apostrophe errors. Some of them are likely my friends lol

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