Emerging from the closet: Confessions of a dog lover

This blog is about Bing. The fact I have a blog dedicated to a dog is probably a good indication I like dogs. So is the fact I am home on a Friday night chillin with my fave peeps, Bing and J-girl, instead of out on the town.

At one point in time I attempted to subdue and mute my obsession with dogs. In grade school I was severely nerdy (not to be confused with smart or academically inclined- I was a horrible student) and walked around with animal themed clothing (super cool border collie sweatshirt was a well worn favorite). While most pre-teen girls had a subscription to seventeen I had a subscription to Dog Fancy. I also made regrettable fashion choices beyond dog themed clothing such as scrunchies, thick bangs and fake tear away pants (not the cool kind…the kind that had sewn together buttons and didn’t actually tearaway from Zellers) but I digress.

Once I moved on to big bad high school and on to the even bigger and badder University I decided I was over dogs. I mean I still pet them and maintained my encyclopedic knowledge of dog breeds but I closeted my obsession. I dabbled in drama, sports and politics (note: I still really like public policy so yes I DO have interests outside dogs). But I felt weird inside. Uneasy.Empty. Like I was keeping a horrible secret. I tried to push it aside and smother it but it came to a breaking point. My love for dogs re-emerged. With a vengeance.

The main books on my bookshelves are on dog behavior (we can thank Ms. snark pants-dog-reactive Jersey for that as well as the education on how to handle reactive dogs).I bought a children’s toybox from ikea and filled it with dog toys.

I have not one but TWO cupboards dedicated to dog treats and food. One contains J and Bing’s respective bags of food and the other contains treats, clickers and toys/balls

Before buying any type of clothing of furniture I consider how it would co-exist with dog hair. I care less and less with each passing day that my black work pants have white Bing hair’s and golden Jersey hairs clinging to them, even when they are freshly laundered.

The bangs and border collie sweatshirt from middle school are gone (as are the tearaway but not real tearaway pants) but the canine obsession clearly remains. Yet it has shifted and goes beyond spoiling Bing and Jersey with toys and treats and happy romps in the park…which was pretty much what I envisioned when my obsession began. My obsession now manifests itself more as an intense drive to bring out the best in my dogs. It means a lot of hard work and dedication and is not a responsibility I take lightly.Especially with Bing. In my world, I see Bing as a cuddly, easygoing, obedient and loving dog. To the general public Bing has two strikes against him right off the bat; he is a muscular dog with a big head (pit bull) and is muzzled in public. He is also a pit bull that needs a home and the more work and training I put into him the more attractive he will be to potential adopters (although he is pretty darn handsome obedient or not).When I walk him I am quite aware that he and his breed are being judged. This motivates me even more to work with Bing to ensure he is an ambassador for his breed and help him become the best dog he can be. I guess you could call it an obsession.

In short, I am wiser in the sense that I now make a concerted effort to include non-dog themed clothes in my wardrobe at least a few times a week and try to engage in non-dog related conversation at least a few times a day. But the closet doors are open; I am obsessed with bringing out the best in my dogs.


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