Biggest accomplishment of the weekend: No vomiting

Despite being a young, strapping, gorgeous boy  Bing  isn’t into partying like many of his peers. No need  to spend his weekends cruisen for ladies when he lives with such beauties as Jersey and myself! Plus, well, he’s kinda-sorta-really awkward and would definitely be standing in a corner by himself smiling creepily if he ever went to a frat party.

Instead Bing prefer’s to spend his weekends sleeping in (in bed of course)

Sunbathing with J-Girl (she picks her spot first of course and he is smart enough to give her space)

I even bought a pillow for Bing’s head when he is laying on the couch (it’s pretty big and heavy ya know!). He loved the pillow and spent much of the weekend resting his head on it

He looked so cozy that I decided to join him. I don’t think he minded.

Now the parts of the weekend I DON’T have pictures of; Bing almost puking. Bing’s Auntie P came to visit to drive  him to the vet for a check up and shots. I don’t have a car and usually when we do go in them I am in the back seat with him (because I am a sucker..also because sometimes someone is in the front seat). As the ride progressed their was quite a bit of stop and start traffic and Bing started looking a bit uncomfortable. He flattened his ears back, his eyes got all big and he was licking his lips A LOT. He is a white dog and I SWEAR he looked green. Sometimes you have to be thankful for the little things in life and this weekend I am glad that Bing a ling DID NOT puke in Auntie P’s car.

Not to downplay his other weekend accomplishments like sleeping, working on some obedience, mingling at the pet store, sleeping some more and being well behaved when the vet examined him but at the very moment we pulled up to the vet and there was no vomit it in the back seat I honestly felt like Bing had just won a gold medal. Way to keep your stomach contents inside buddy! Gold starrrrrrr.

The ride back from the vet was much smoother.Bing passed out on the way home and slept off his near-puke experience for the rest of the night.


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