Bing has a hot date: Weekend update

My little man Bing is growing up fast. He had his first real date on Saturday. I helped him pick out his outfight (naked with a blue and yellow argyle collar) and made sure his baby blue muzzle didn’t have too much dirt on it and we set off on our way. Being a young man I didn’t think it appropriate to send him of on his own and ensured that both the young lady and him were chaperoned. His date was a lovely black pit bull (and Bullies in Need alumni Quill) and they were quite the pair in there fancy collars (she was clad in cheetah print) and muzzles. They mostly ignored one another but were content to walk side by side on leash.I consider this date a great success! No they weren’t pulling to get to each other or trying to play but I always consider it a WIN when dogs are content to just be around one another and not react.

After his date we went to the pet store where he charmed everyone with his calm demeanor and managed to score lots and lots of treats from store employees. He’s a smooth operator when it comes to coning people into doling out treats and petting. No jumping up or barking for this boy. Instead he works his puppy dog eyes and quietly leans into people for petting (and treats). Smooth Bing. Smooth.

After his big date, walk and eating his weight in cookies at the pet store Bing was falling asleep while standing and I nearly needed to carry him home. He stopped a few times for a roll in the grass/lay down but with my words of encouragement he was able to complete the three minutes walk from the subway station unassisted. He came home and promptly passed out for the rest of the day. Typical man.

So so so tired



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