Mr. Sensitivity: Hot, hot, hot!

It’s been a lot warmer this week and Bing has shown himself to be quite sensitive to the heat.  This is what a regular walk (and after) looks like with Bing when the temperature rises

Bing slows right down and moves slowly indicating that he needs a break. I oblige and he lays in the grass. Here he is observing a construction site. He also did a lot of rolling in the grass and grunting and charmed several passerby’s into petting him. Bing was particularly fond of a man with missing teeth pushing a cart with fishing gear who stopped to rub his tummy.

Another walk and another laying down break for the Binger. He was observing all the people milling around the park.

When Bing get’s home he passes out.

TOO TIRED TO MOVE. Jersey does not look impressed by his behavior

Sometimes he passes out on the floor and sometimes on the couch. He was not pleased that I disturbed his sleep to take this picture

Bing generally remains passed out in a near coma post walk ignoring Jersey shoving toys in his face until dinner time or if I bring out a treat. In these cases he goes from sluggish/sloth like to alert in an instant

I am guessing that when the real heat waves start hitting Bing is barely going to make it to to the end of the block and back. Poor Mr. sensitive Bing. He is definitely going to want air conditioning this summer too.


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