Nobody’s perfect: Mr. chill loses his cool

I want to be balanced in how I portray Bing and let potential adopter’s know of any less than perfect aspects about the Binger. It was really hard to find any faults (other than occasional bad gas and a proclivity towards stealing your spot on the couch if you get up) but I know of one situation when Mr. Cool Cumber Bing-a-ling goes nutty..

Bing is a laid back kinda guy most of the time. The type a guy who like’s the simpler things in life, sleeping, napping, resting in comfortable places, eating… He’s up for walks and training but also enjoys a good chill session and is always up for lounging..

While Ms. J is always on alert and gets exited at any quick movements and is ready to go into herding mode,Bing barely bats an eyelash in the face of excitement. Kids on long boards screaming and having a stick fight? “YAWN” says Bing. Child sprinting up to him out of nowhere and tapping him on the head? “No biggie.” Group of children petting Bing and flittering around excitedly? Bing’s paws remain firmly planted on the ground and instead of jumping all over the kids he gently leans in for more petting and wags his tail. Other dogs around? Bing is curious but isn’t interested in yanking my arm off to go say hi.

You know when people say “take a chill pill man” well, Bing has already taken his chill pill and is ready to chillax at all times.Well, that’s a lie..he is chill MOST of the time.

When Bing see’s some of his favorite wildlife friends outside his chill pill suddenly wears off and he loses his cool. SQUIRREL! CHIPMUNK! DEER! Bing’s whole body quivers when he see’s them. Sometimes he screams in excitement. The other day he pulled me over to a tree and jumped/climbed almost 7 feet trying to chase a chipmunk. I had no idea that this coach potato was capable of such high level athletic endeavors!  He has an amazingly quick on/off switch and it activates within seconds of seeing wildlife and deactivates immediately on finding a couch/bed to lay on.Ducks and birds don’t do it for him…just the furry one’s. On my elementary school report cards I often got “Needs Improvement” (rather than “Excellent” or “Satisfactory”). While Bing get’s an “excellent” in many categories his squirrel/chipmunk behavior is DEFINITELY in need of improvement.

These chipmunks elicit NO response from Bing 


These chipmunks are a different story..


Oh and PLEASE no pet squirrels or chipmunks in his adoptive home. Bing definitely needs a chippy and squirrel free home 😉

Here is Bing on squirrel watch this morning




6 thoughts on “Nobody’s perfect: Mr. chill loses his cool

  1. He just can’t resist those fluffy tails! Quill is the same but you know she did mellow out on the squirrels over time. She started with a high pitched bark & whine….now just the ears for forward and maybe a lunge forward if they zoom out in front of her (squirrel/chipmunk suicide move if you ask me) 😉

    • He is ESPECIALLY crazy around chipmunks..I think because they move more quickly and I find they sometimes tease the dogs. Jersey gives Bing super dirty looks when he starts screaming for squirrels..well more AT the squirrels/chippy’s. It seems to be mating season or something as I keep seeing large groups of squirrels running up/down tree trunks chasing each other and making a lot of noise. Bing loves it.

  2. I’m so excited to have made that connection!!! He’s one of the dogs I’ve been following on that site. I’m moving from St. John’s to Halifax in a few months and I’m VERY interested in adopting one of these beautiful dogs when I get settled. I can’t wait to hear more about his experiences and how he’s doing!!

    • Bullies In Need (BIN) is a wonderful organization and Bing is just one of many great dogs available for adoption so hopefully when you get settled you will be able to adopt one of their dogs! I have only had Bing for a few months and he is my first pit bull and I have really fallen in love with not only him but the breed.Thanks for following Bing on his adventures.

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