Hot dawgs, CGN update and Canada Day festivities

Lately I have to step over sprawled out dogs every time I move around my apartment. It is HOT outside and IN my apartment and the dogs sprawl out on the hardwood to try and stay cool.It has been way too long since the last post because with my apartment is like a sauna with only the bathroom fan and stand up fan keeping us alive so I have been minimizing any time spent on the computer as it seems to heat up the place even more. I thought I was being so smart and money conscious not buying an air conditioning unit but let me tell you I would pay a lot to cool my place down right now.

This is Bing sprawled out after a walk. So so hot

Bing a ling barely makes it around the block when it gets hot and when he comes in he stretches out on the hardwood. Unfortunately Bing is also NOT a fan of water so won’t lay down on a cool towel and I can only force him into a moist t-shirt to help cool him off when he is so tired he doesn’t object. He does enjoy the frozen Kongs I make for the dogs and the Popsicles I give them (when I am too lazy to make Kongs). I have been getting up early to walk the dogs when its cooler and staying up late to make sure they get a nice evening walk in. Lots of coffee for me to keep up this walking schedule of early mornings and late nights

Bing relaxes on a nice evening walk

Three weeks ago Bing started his Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) class! We definitely still have lots of practicing to do since the test has to be done on a flat collar (Bing usually wears a halti) and with no treats given as rewards during the test. Bing’s loose leash walking has improved tremendously and I have been walking him on a flat collar occasionally outside of class and he has doing great. There is a portion of the test where they evaluate “reaction to distractions”such as strollers, joggers and strange noise and during class the instructor will simulate this by riding a scooter, carrying odd objects etc. Bing has excelled at this since he is not at all phased by any of these scary items. Bing’s favorite part of his Canine Good Neighbour practicing is “accepting a friendly stranger” since he thinks everyone is a potential new best friend (including scary people in the street that I am trying to get away from..Bing always wags his tail and wants them to pet him) the best part is is that he is always polite when being pet; he will lean in for petting but is never overbearing or jumping all over the person. One big area that Bing and I will need to practice is “stay” Bing is still confused as to why he WOULDN’T be allowed to come with me and WHY he has to stay in a sit.I am already nervous for the big day when we take the CGN test. Please cross your fingers for us.

Can’t get enough of Bing’s frog legs

Yesterday was Canada Day but Bing was too hot to do much. I am sure he would have loved to kick back in air conditioning with a brewski but I don’t have air conditioning or beer (plus Bing is obviously way too young for that stuff) so he was forced to settle for laying around in a hot apartment, eating banana Popsicle’s and being cooled down by being dabbed with a wet towel occasionally (he hated this). Then the fireworks started. On the May 24 weekend lots of fireworks were going off and Bing didn’t pay any attention but apparently Canada Day fireworks are DIFFERENT because Bing was scared. I felt so bad for him because he looked so pathetic panting and shaking and trying to cuddle with me but being so hot he couldn’t. Finally he just lay down next to me panting and I fed him cheese to help make the firework experience a more positive one.

In other news hardworking (haha) Bing has VACATIONS coming up in August and September. In August he will be travelling with Jersey and I to go visit his “Grandma and Grandpa” (I can’t believe I just said low?) and in September he will be going with a friend and I to a COTTAGE..I am hoping we can get him into the lake swimming.


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