Top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t adopt Bing

Bing’s a pretty awesome guy. Good looks, charm, intelligence and just the right amount of snuggliness. But let’s be honest he has certain needs that need to be met in his new home. Without further ado you probably shouldn’t adopt Bing if…

1.You believe dogs don’t need beds or comfy things to lay on
Bing loves to be comfy and isn’t the type of dog who just lays around on bare floors. He does love to be on furniture and in my bed but no biggie if “dogs on furniture” ain’t your thing as he also loves his dog bed and happily sleeps there too.

2. You think dogs in coats are silly.
Bing is a very fragile soul when it comes to the cold. Being a naked boy with sparse fur he will need a coat. Perhaps even multiple coats for options depending on the weather. And yes, to answer your question; Bing could DEFINITELY pull off hot pink, floral and even zebra design.If you prefer a little more understated look than Bing could definitely pull off more neutral colors and less outrageous designs too.

3. You are looking for a border collie or a dog to run marathons with
Now that I’ve picked myself off the ground from laughing so hard at the thought of Bing running a marathon…Bing can be energetic and shows off his athletic prowess when chasing squirrels but he is absolutely not a fanatic exerciser. He is fine on short runs and loves to go on walks but he also loves to lay around on couches

4.You have a pet squirrel that you keep inside your house
Bing’s main weakness is squirrels. He is still learning to stay calm and collected in the presence of these critters. Definitely cannot live with squirrels

5. You want a wild, unruly dog
With the help of obedience, training and Canine Good Neighbour prep classes Bing has become quite the well-mannered gentleman. Break out the champagne and caviar because this boy is well on his way to becoming a very refined and impeccably mannered pit bull.

6. You beleive dogs should only have one collar and that it’s just frivolous to have more than that
I admit, I’ve set Bing up for failure in this regard. Bing has multiple collars that he selects to wear based on his mood and style whims that day. He prefers bright collars and likes that he lures people in to pet him with his collar (people stop to ask about the collar and Bing wrangles them into petting him). I’ve created a fashion-obsessed monster.

7.You want a dainty little chihuahua
Bing is NOT a chihuahua. In fact his head is at least 3x the size of one. Also Bing is far from dainty (but surprisingly agile considering his disproportionate body)

8.You want a tough dog/guard dog
Bing isn’t exactly a wimp. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by all the loud noises in the city and takes the subway regularly. However, he does shake when fireworks go off and can be a sensitive boy. Bing also thinks every new stranger (including sketchy ones) is a potential “new friend” and greets them with a wagging tail.

9. You aren’t won over by “pit bull smiles”
Bing has the best open-mouthed, pit bull smile. If you’re not won over by this your obviously an old grump

10. You think polka dots are “soooo last season”
An older chinese man once told me “I like the spotted one” while pointing at Bing with a big grin on his face.On a separate occasion a young child made a similar observation saying “that dog has polka dots all over him.” Bing has spots all over his hairless body and lots of big brindle splotches on his body. I think there gorgeous but if you think polka dots are out than Bing ain’t for you.

Spotted Bing-a-ling doing what he does best; comfortably relaxing


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