Bing’s big 3: Certificates, fame and the greatest gift on earth

Why do they say someone looks “hot” as a compliment?

I have been very VERY hot all week and let me tell you being hot is not fun or attractive.When I am hot my face is red and I look very very annoyed and complain excessively and morph into a not so fun Debbie Downer. The only thing worse than being hot, for me anyways, is being surrounded by hot dogs. They pant and look sad and can’t go for long walks (Bing makes it half a block) and my sauna (apartment) is too hot to do anything inside either. But as I told the dogs when they tried to tell me that feeding them 20 minutes late was going to kill them and was a form of abuse-sometimes we have to be brave and suck it up. Despite the sweltering heat this week the dog’s and I bravely faced the heat with determination and lots of hydration and this one one of Bing’s best week’s yet. The top 3 moments in reverse:

3. Bing finishes his Canine Good Neighbour prep class and aces his mock test

On the hottest day of the year I wavered on whether it was too hot to bring him to class. I found a transit route that involved only air conditioned buses and subways and we bravely forged on to class where Bing did his mock test (still have to sign up for an official test) and did well on all sections. He does need some work on the portion where the dog must settle down after playing though. He also won an awesome rope toy (which Jersey promptly took over).

He also got this awesome certificate:


2. Bing becomes famous

Bing’s fostering story was featured on StubbyDog and he was also featured as the Rescue Dog of the week. Check it outttt:

I haven’t broken the news to Bing that he has gone viral.He is such a sweet, innocent boy and I don’t know how he would handle the celebrity involved with being featured on such an awesome site like Stubby Dog. His head is already so large (anatomy wise not ego wise) that I am just unsure if it would be medically safe for it to swell any larger. I am going to break the news to him in baby steps and hope that the fame doesn’t go to his head but he’s already become a bit of a diva.


1. The little box that makes a big difference.

What could be even better than being featured on StubbyDog and getting his CGN prep class certificate you ask?

I will give you a hint; it’s a small but powerful box

It makes a lot of noise

It comes in a big cardboard box that is fun for dogs to play with and it eats money




It looks ghetto and yes it has cardboard and masking tape around it but it gets the job done. Bing is so much happier in the cool air and is playing with his toys and Jersey way more often now that it is cooler.

They say money can’t buy happiness. Maybe that’s true but it can buy cool air which makes me and the dog’s much happier. Happy me=more fun for dogs.

While this week has been all about Bing this weekend is all about snarky pants Ms. J. Grisha Stewart (founder of Behavioural Adjustment Training or B.A.T) is in town and Jersey will be part of the live demo on Saturday. On Sunday I will be leaving the dogs behind to go to conference myself and absorb everything I can. If the only bats you know about are the one’s with wing’s check out what B.A.T is all about at

Have a good weekend ya’ll!


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