Bing the British Columbian

Ladies and gentlemen Bing the pit bull has left the building, the city and the PROVINCE of Ontario to begin his new life.

I’ve known since the day I began fostering him that I could not keep Bing. I reminded myself over and over again for the entire 6 months he stayed with me that Ontario’s Breed Specific Legislation prohibited him from being here and that I was just a temporary pit stop before he continued on to a new (and legal) life in a new province. When he snuggled in my bed with his head on my pillow, when he sprawled out next to me on the couch and when he lay on his dog bed next to Jersey on hers like he had always been here and this was his home, I reminded him that this was temporary.

I told people that even if he could stay I would not keep him. When people asked me how I could ever let him leave I brushed them off and acted all tough like I gave up amazing pit bull’s all the time and this was no biggie. But as the day for him to fly out to BC approached I realized that I was not the progeny of Chuck Norris and had indeed fallen head over heels in love with Bing and that if there was no law prohibiting him he probably would have stayed. Lucky for Bing’s new family the only illegal thing I do is jaywalk.

As I came to terms with the fact that Bing was going to the west coast I decided that I needed to stop crying in the corner over his departure and instead launch into action to prepare him for his upcoming journey to British Columbia.

I made sure to acclimatize him to a rain jacket and even rushed out to walk him (much to Mr. Delicate’s HORROR) when I saw it was raining to get him used to the weather in British Columbia

Bing getting ready for the rainy weather in British Columbia

Bing gets ready for the ESPECIALLY rainy weather in BC by putting the hood up

I sat him down for a serious chat and explained that things would be changing and that even though I loved him very very much he couldn’t stay with me and was going to go on an exciting plane ride and when he landed he would have a new foster home where he would not need to wear his muzzle.

Bing listening intently to my lecture

Bing landed in British Columbia on Sunday and from all reports all of his travels to and from the airport and during his flight were vomit free (guess he just saved that for me and the back of my parents car?). He is now in a wonderful foster home with the pit bull rescue group HugABull based in BC

I will let you be the judge of how he is settling in to his new foster home (thank you to his new foster mamma Tiffany for the pictures)

Bing’s new foster takes better quality pics than I did 🙂

Wow he is looking SUPER miserable in his new foster home right? 😉

If there is a bed to lay on Bing will find it..whether in Ontario or BC

Bing is enduring a lot of hardship’s in his new foster having a picture taken when he is CLEARLY taking a nap

Yep Bing is living the hard life in BC

Cheers to you Mr. Fat Head Bing you are so very missed. Please remember all the manner’s and obedience you’ve learned and enjoy the beautiful West Coast. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt you has hit the jackpot because you are one special guy.

P.S: Just because Bing is gone don’t think the blog is too…a new “bull in the city” will be featured soon!


10 thoughts on “Bing the British Columbian

  1. YAY for Bing, and thank you for giving him such a great start. He’ll be sure to do you proud here on the rainy (temp. today is about 29C) west coast!

  2. Oh this made me cry. Thanks for sharing! Bings in great hands with Hugabull, im a foster mom for the Okanagan. He will love vancouver 🙂 its very Pitty friendly. Congrats Bing!

  3. It takes special people to do this job. Taking all factors in with the raising of Bulls and although some people just don’t understand the animal, it’s people like these (foster patents)that help them to. I loved my bull it was my daughters first dog. My daughter now has two bulls and one she adopted from HugaBull. I take my hat off for the loving homes fostering these animals so that another loving family may raise this/these beautiful animals. God Bless you all foster homes. Thank you for being there to nurse, train,hug, love and just be there for the breed.
    Good luck to Bing and his soon to be new home. Thanks for sharing.

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