One hit wonder?

Dear fellow ninjas, aspiring ninjas, future ninjas and empathetic non-ninjas,

You know when you put a bunch of stuff in the blender and inadvertently leave the top off and the stuff  explodes  and sprays all over your walls (I still can’t get the pumpkin off my walls after a “blender” accident!)? This is what happened to my blog. I sat down and wrote it without much though because it is such a big part of my life and suddenly it went viral and started exploding all over the internet.

Jersey poses..she can’t believe how famous she is and the fame has gone straight to her head!

This may be the most famous I ever get; an anonymous blogger post spreading over the internet. Don’t worry I haven’t let it go to my head and the paparazzi have left me alone so far .I have even kept my day job and continue to go about my regular routine. I just wanted to give a shout out and high five to all the people who shared on facebook and twitter and left comments. Not only do I feel way more popular than I ever have before but I have read each and every comment and am truly touched by everyone’s stories. I am a bit embarrassed I didn’t spell check before posting but no one has lambasted me for it so it’s all good.

Jersey says “Read the sign and leash your dogs Bozo’s!”

Another aspect of my blog going viral is the “haters.” The response has been overwhelmingly positive and most people seem to “get” that my post was meant to be tongue and cheek rather than a serious behavioural guide…I am sure that was pretty explicit. Well, apparently not. I got some comments in my inbox stating that I need to “train my dog” to like other dogs and that if I wasn’t so dang nervous my dog would be a regular social butterfly cavorting at local dog parks. I really wish reactivity was that simple but as someone who has lived and studied it let me tell you it is NOT.Because I think people with reactive dog’s are already judged harshly enough I made the executive decision to simply delete any negative comments on my blog. Censorship and dictatorship is fun!

Jersey is the prettiest girl I ever did see

Now the bad news; I may be a bit of a one hit wonder. The purpose of this blog is humble; to talk about the dogs I foster for the Ontario, Canada based rescue Bullies In Need. My reactive girl Jersey does make appearances but her and her reactivity aren’t the main focus. I doubt I will ever replicate the success of my reactivity post but I do always try to inject whatever I write with humour and fun.




14 thoughts on “One hit wonder?

    • oh I am not to worried..more amused but one woman was bordering harassment with continually trying to post haha. Some other’s thought I took too light hearted view of a serious topic but everyone is entitled to their opinion 🙂

      • Oh for crying out loud! We have reactive dogs…we need to laugh and make light fun of the situation to keep our sanity. Ninjas unite! “Haters” need to find a new hobby.

  1. Hi Emily, I’ll keep on reading your blog because it’s entertaining even though it wont be always about Jersey. I loved the reactive post, as it was such a humorous approach to your life with a reactive dog – all of us living with one, know that it’s not always fun and there are many tears, so it’s good to be able to laugh about it. In spite of that we do love our reactive buddies, and learn so much from them.
    I’m looking forward to continous reading of your blog…
    Reidun with super reactive Malinois Gloria in Spain

  2. I love your blog! I have a bull terrier who was severely abused before we got her. She is incredibly reactive…and I suspect will always be, no matter how much trainer we all go through. Keep writing about your experiences, they are funny and touching and soma you us can relate.

  3. I like your blog. After reading the reactive dog post, I went back and read all your older entries. I plan on sticking around, since your posts are entertaining and informative. You’d think that one woman would have gotten a clue when you never let any of her comments post. Don’t you love how people who know nothing about your dog try to tell you what is best for her? Those people need a reactive dog in their lives – they wouldn’t be so quick to criticize. You’ve made a fan out of me, at any rate. 🙂

  4. As a proud human companion to one reactive dog, I’m sad but not shocked to see that there were haters on your blog. You’re right, we and our dogs are judged too harshly! I look forward to your following your posts but I will definitely keep referring back to your “one hit wonder” because it lightens up my mood when I’ve had a difficult day. And, when I’m jumping in between cars along our busy street, I’ll think of you and Jersey, and know that I’m not alone!

    • Thanks Amanda! I think we have all heard enough unsolicited “advice” and criticm about our reactive dogs. Some people mean well but other’s don’t. As the response to this blog really showed me we are DEFINITELY not alone. Ninja army UNITE!

  5. If training a dog reactive dog to not be dog reactive were that easy and that simple, I am guessing that more dogs would not need rescue. 😉 Oh, people.

  6. Emily, as you may notice I have just subscribed to your blog after reading “How to live with a Reactive…..” I am a keeper of a shy-reactive-dog-hater-miniature Schnauzer and I felt as if you when you wrote the post you were walking by my side together with Shaman describing our behavior 🙂
    Forget the “haters”, we know how difficult it is.

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