Pit bull attacked by human scores foster home with Bullies In Need!

Human attacks pit bull in broad daylight

A few weeks ago a pit bull type dog was attacked by a human who viciously beat and attempted to eat her. The attack occurred in broad daylight and the assailant was known to the victim; he was her owner.

The complete story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/story/2012/09/27/ottawa-pembroke-man-attacks-dog.html

I will just pause to let you absorb that (despite the fact that this is not an uncommon occurence).If your reaction was anything like mine it was one of extreme shock that something so horrible could happen to an innocent dog. It  was an attack that garnered some media attention, especially in the area it happened, but not a tremendous amount outside of that community. Would it have been any different had the roles been reversed? I definitely have some thoughts on that but for now let’s focus on the fact that this girl has lucked out by landing with Bullies In Need (BIN), a rescue based in Ontario, Canada!

“Thank goodness I landed with BIN so they can put some meat on these skinny bones of mine!”

A new beginning with BIN

This beautiful bully has been named “Streets” after one of her rescuer’s who cared for her. Not one to hold a grudge, Streets has left her old life behind and is busy living it up (in style in one her donated pink coat) in a loving BIN foster home. Rumor has it that she is spoiled rotten by her foster mama and likes to sleep on as many pillows and dog beds as possible for maximum comfort, play with toys and romp in leaves. Streets not only adores all humans but also get’s along with cats and dogs as well. The best news? Once she settles into foster care and has her medical needs looked after she will be available for ADOPTION to a home outside Ontario

“Woo hoo..not only an awesome new life but a fabulous coat to match too!”

So many people have helped out with both Streets rescue as well as her entry into BIN by providing donations of soft beds and jackets to keep this skinny girl warm but also by donating and fostering. Mad props to ya’ll!

Streets still needs your help and some surprise additions…

While Streets has scored big by landing with BIN and is blossoming in foster care, she is currently still recovering not only from her injuries sustained in the attack (she has visible human bite marks on her skin which is more disturbing to us humans than Streets herself) but also from a not-so-wonderful past; it is clear she recently had puppies and she is very thin. She is progressing nicely but does require ongoing veterinary care, spaying and vaccinations along with extra nutrients to help fatten her up to an optimal weight. Unfortunately this all comes at a cost…

Streets says “goodbye hard life HELLO good life!”

Oh ya and shortly after Streets arrived  two of her puppies also joined the BIN family in foster care and if any more are located they too will have a safe spot to land in foster!

Despite Streets and fam’s best efforts cuteness still does not pay for spays/neuters, vaccines, food or veterinary care. If they did Street and her wee family would have already payed for all these expenses two or three times over!

“Are those all the people donating to help me out?”

This is where YOU (yes you and you as well and yep you over there too): BIN is in desperate need of funds to help with these expenses. Keep in mind that EVERY little bit helps..even something as simple as foregoing coffee for a week and donating the profits to BIN (or if you really NEED coffee feel free to think of another way to donate). There are several ways you can help:

Come on folks let’s turn Streets and her puppies sad beginning into a happy ending!