Peanut butter from a jar shit day

Today was a shit day.

Like eat peanut butter out of a jar shitty.The DOGS PEANUT BUTTER jar (note to self: label human vs dog jars). Yum kong.

See picture for Jersey’s stink eye for eating HER peanut butter. Also note the sheep skin rug.jerseychillaxin

I was all ready to make my stunning blogging come back with a witty blog about surviving apartment living with a feisty fido and to wax poetic about coping with reactivity. I had the most disgustingly cute pictures to post of my new wrinkly (but smelly) sharpei x but instead. Face. To. Palm. x 100000000

It involved an offleash dog (while offleash-then on-then off again kind of like a psycho merry-go-round), me firmly telling a woman that her dog needed to be KEPT leashed as it was the law, gobs of cheese shoved into dogs faces, being told my dog has issues and is a monster and, after finally escaping the situation, having the woman and (now leashed) dog return and accost me and yell garbled things that I could no longer hear as I tried to escape and the light refused to change. Best of all she stood close enough so our dogs were almost nose to nose. Bonus!

It involved me wanting to move to a yurt in the middle of nowhere (but with a real functioning toilet that flushes, running water and electricity that doesn’t involve primitive lanterns).

When rational thoughts quick in I know that my dog isn’t a bad or dangerous dog. She is a dog that turned her head away and focused on me when we saw the dog, she is a dog who sniffed for treats when I gave her the cue and she is a dog who politely went off as far as possible to the side. Jersey is a dog who did her very best not to react but that was pushed too far and did let a few snarls and barks emerge. She is also a dog who with some help calmed down fairly quickly afterwards.

But I am a glass half empty type of person and really like peanut butter (the jar not used for double dipping kong filling knives is preferred) so even though my day isn’t as shit as I thought I will use it as an excuse to eat peanut butter anyways. I’ll need the extra protein for energy anyways; I am going to have to start getting up earlier to avoid this ladies walking route.

Also I LIED presenting a picture of my smelly but cute new sharpei x HIYA. Note that I do not dress up my dogs but do like to adorn and accessorize them with Ikea rugs



6 thoughts on “Peanut butter from a jar shit day

  1. I’m sorry you had such an awful day! That lady sounds like she doesn’t know anything about dog body language. She also sounds like a blooming idiot to be letting her dog off leash when the law says to leash the dog.

    Don’t let her stupidity get you down. You and Jersey have worked too hard to get where you are.

    • Thanks for your kind words! Jersey wasnt too shaken up after so its all good but I hate confrontation and it makes me sad and pissed that she said such ignorant thing s about my gal

      • Unfortunately, most people are very ignorant about what is and what is not normal dog behavior. May she one day end up with a DINOS (Dog In Need Of Space) and then she’ll understand where you’re coming from!

        Yay for Jersey doing her best to ignore the other dog!

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