Meet Jersey a snarky Australian Shepherd (ish) mix. Her interests include toys of any kind (stuffies, tug toys and balls), fetching, running away from cuddles and pouting.Sweet as butter with people but pretty feisty around other dogs.

Also featured is  Hiya George a 2 year old Sharpei x and the product of an epic foster failure by yours truly. Champion counter surfer, food stealer and on an obsessive quest to eat toxic mushroom. Once a mangy bald dog now a mostly non-patchy muscle machine.

Who am I? Just an average city dog owner pretending trying to keep my shit tougether.

This blog started off as a way to showcase my foster dog BING a 2 year old American Pitbull Terrier I fostered thorough Bullies In Need. Bing found his forever home out in B.C in 2012. He was the “bull” in Bull in the City. After he was adopted my blog morphed into something different


2 thoughts on “About

    • Ugh 2 year old comment that I never replied to!!! It was a hot dogs all dressed muzzle. They are available directly from the company as well as at stores like bark and fitz (or whatever its called now..my local one was renamed Diggsville)

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