Bing’s big 3: Certificates, fame and the greatest gift on earth

Why do they say someone looks “hot” as a compliment?

I have been very VERY hot all week and let me tell you being hot is not fun or attractive.When I am hot my face is red and I look very very annoyed and complain excessively and morph into a not so fun Debbie Downer. The only thing worse than being hot, for me anyways, is being surrounded by hot dogs. They pant and look sad and can’t go for long walks (Bing makes it half a block) and my sauna (apartment) is too hot to do anything inside either. But as I told the dogs when they tried to tell me that feeding them 20 minutes late was going to kill them and was a form of abuse-sometimes we have to be brave and suck it up. Despite the sweltering heat this week the dog’s and I bravely faced the heat with determination and lots of hydration and this one one of Bing’s best week’s yet. The top 3 moments in reverse:

3. Bing finishes his Canine Good Neighbour prep class and aces his mock test

On the hottest day of the year I wavered on whether it was too hot to bring him to class. I found a transit route that involved only air conditioned buses and subways and we bravely forged on to class where Bing did his mock test (still have to sign up for an official test) and did well on all sections. He does need some work on the portion where the dog must settle down after playing though. He also won an awesome rope toy (which Jersey promptly took over).

He also got this awesome certificate:


2. Bing becomes famous

Bing’s fostering story was featured on StubbyDog and he was also featured as the Rescue Dog of the week. Check it outttt:

I haven’t broken the news to Bing that he has gone viral.He is such a sweet, innocent boy and I don’t know how he would handle the celebrity involved with being featured on such an awesome site like Stubby Dog. His head is already so large (anatomy wise not ego wise) that I am just unsure if it would be medically safe for it to swell any larger. I am going to break the news to him in baby steps and hope that the fame doesn’t go to his head but he’s already become a bit of a diva.


1. The little box that makes a big difference.

What could be even better than being featured on StubbyDog and getting his CGN prep class certificate you ask?

I will give you a hint; it’s a small but powerful box

It makes a lot of noise

It comes in a big cardboard box that is fun for dogs to play with and it eats money




It looks ghetto and yes it has cardboard and masking tape around it but it gets the job done. Bing is so much happier in the cool air and is playing with his toys and Jersey way more often now that it is cooler.

They say money can’t buy happiness. Maybe that’s true but it can buy cool air which makes me and the dog’s much happier. Happy me=more fun for dogs.

While this week has been all about Bing this weekend is all about snarky pants Ms. J. Grisha Stewart (founder of Behavioural Adjustment Training or B.A.T) is in town and Jersey will be part of the live demo on Saturday. On Sunday I will be leaving the dogs behind to go to conference myself and absorb everything I can. If the only bats you know about are the one’s with wing’s check out what B.A.T is all about at

Have a good weekend ya’ll!


Top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t adopt Bing

Bing’s a pretty awesome guy. Good looks, charm, intelligence and just the right amount of snuggliness. But let’s be honest he has certain needs that need to be met in his new home. Without further ado you probably shouldn’t adopt Bing if…

1.You believe dogs don’t need beds or comfy things to lay on
Bing loves to be comfy and isn’t the type of dog who just lays around on bare floors. He does love to be on furniture and in my bed but no biggie if “dogs on furniture” ain’t your thing as he also loves his dog bed and happily sleeps there too.

2. You think dogs in coats are silly.
Bing is a very fragile soul when it comes to the cold. Being a naked boy with sparse fur he will need a coat. Perhaps even multiple coats for options depending on the weather. And yes, to answer your question; Bing could DEFINITELY pull off hot pink, floral and even zebra design.If you prefer a little more understated look than Bing could definitely pull off more neutral colors and less outrageous designs too.

3. You are looking for a border collie or a dog to run marathons with
Now that I’ve picked myself off the ground from laughing so hard at the thought of Bing running a marathon…Bing can be energetic and shows off his athletic prowess when chasing squirrels but he is absolutely not a fanatic exerciser. He is fine on short runs and loves to go on walks but he also loves to lay around on couches

4.You have a pet squirrel that you keep inside your house
Bing’s main weakness is squirrels. He is still learning to stay calm and collected in the presence of these critters. Definitely cannot live with squirrels

5. You want a wild, unruly dog
With the help of obedience, training and Canine Good Neighbour prep classes Bing has become quite the well-mannered gentleman. Break out the champagne and caviar because this boy is well on his way to becoming a very refined and impeccably mannered pit bull.

6. You beleive dogs should only have one collar and that it’s just frivolous to have more than that
I admit, I’ve set Bing up for failure in this regard. Bing has multiple collars that he selects to wear based on his mood and style whims that day. He prefers bright collars and likes that he lures people in to pet him with his collar (people stop to ask about the collar and Bing wrangles them into petting him). I’ve created a fashion-obsessed monster.

7.You want a dainty little chihuahua
Bing is NOT a chihuahua. In fact his head is at least 3x the size of one. Also Bing is far from dainty (but surprisingly agile considering his disproportionate body)

8.You want a tough dog/guard dog
Bing isn’t exactly a wimp. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by all the loud noises in the city and takes the subway regularly. However, he does shake when fireworks go off and can be a sensitive boy. Bing also thinks every new stranger (including sketchy ones) is a potential “new friend” and greets them with a wagging tail.

9. You aren’t won over by “pit bull smiles”
Bing has the best open-mouthed, pit bull smile. If you’re not won over by this your obviously an old grump

10. You think polka dots are “soooo last season”
An older chinese man once told me “I like the spotted one” while pointing at Bing with a big grin on his face.On a separate occasion a young child made a similar observation saying “that dog has polka dots all over him.” Bing has spots all over his hairless body and lots of big brindle splotches on his body. I think there gorgeous but if you think polka dots are out than Bing ain’t for you.

Spotted Bing-a-ling doing what he does best; comfortably relaxing

Hot dawgs, CGN update and Canada Day festivities

Lately I have to step over sprawled out dogs every time I move around my apartment. It is HOT outside and IN my apartment and the dogs sprawl out on the hardwood to try and stay cool.It has been way too long since the last post because with my apartment is like a sauna with only the bathroom fan and stand up fan keeping us alive so I have been minimizing any time spent on the computer as it seems to heat up the place even more. I thought I was being so smart and money conscious not buying an air conditioning unit but let me tell you I would pay a lot to cool my place down right now.

This is Bing sprawled out after a walk. So so hot

Bing a ling barely makes it around the block when it gets hot and when he comes in he stretches out on the hardwood. Unfortunately Bing is also NOT a fan of water so won’t lay down on a cool towel and I can only force him into a moist t-shirt to help cool him off when he is so tired he doesn’t object. He does enjoy the frozen Kongs I make for the dogs and the Popsicles I give them (when I am too lazy to make Kongs). I have been getting up early to walk the dogs when its cooler and staying up late to make sure they get a nice evening walk in. Lots of coffee for me to keep up this walking schedule of early mornings and late nights

Bing relaxes on a nice evening walk

Three weeks ago Bing started his Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) class! We definitely still have lots of practicing to do since the test has to be done on a flat collar (Bing usually wears a halti) and with no treats given as rewards during the test. Bing’s loose leash walking has improved tremendously and I have been walking him on a flat collar occasionally outside of class and he has doing great. There is a portion of the test where they evaluate “reaction to distractions”such as strollers, joggers and strange noise and during class the instructor will simulate this by riding a scooter, carrying odd objects etc. Bing has excelled at this since he is not at all phased by any of these scary items. Bing’s favorite part of his Canine Good Neighbour practicing is “accepting a friendly stranger” since he thinks everyone is a potential new best friend (including scary people in the street that I am trying to get away from..Bing always wags his tail and wants them to pet him) the best part is is that he is always polite when being pet; he will lean in for petting but is never overbearing or jumping all over the person. One big area that Bing and I will need to practice is “stay” Bing is still confused as to why he WOULDN’T be allowed to come with me and WHY he has to stay in a sit.I am already nervous for the big day when we take the CGN test. Please cross your fingers for us.

Can’t get enough of Bing’s frog legs

Yesterday was Canada Day but Bing was too hot to do much. I am sure he would have loved to kick back in air conditioning with a brewski but I don’t have air conditioning or beer (plus Bing is obviously way too young for that stuff) so he was forced to settle for laying around in a hot apartment, eating banana Popsicle’s and being cooled down by being dabbed with a wet towel occasionally (he hated this). Then the fireworks started. On the May 24 weekend lots of fireworks were going off and Bing didn’t pay any attention but apparently Canada Day fireworks are DIFFERENT because Bing was scared. I felt so bad for him because he looked so pathetic panting and shaking and trying to cuddle with me but being so hot he couldn’t. Finally he just lay down next to me panting and I fed him cheese to help make the firework experience a more positive one.

In other news hardworking (haha) Bing has VACATIONS coming up in August and September. In August he will be travelling with Jersey and I to go visit his “Grandma and Grandpa” (I can’t believe I just said low?) and in September he will be going with a friend and I to a COTTAGE..I am hoping we can get him into the lake swimming.

Bing the (potentially) good neighbor hits up summer school

While some of his peers drink on patio’s and hit up beaches to scout out the hotties to celebrate summer,  the academically inclined Bing has eschewed these activities in favor of re entering the classroom. Just so you don’t get the wrong impression Bing is not one of those guys who is doing summer school because he failed a class and needs to catch up. Quite the opposite; Bing passed his foundation clicker obedience class and has decided to embark on even more challenging academic pursuits.

For the next 6 weeks Bing will be enrolled in Canine Good Neighbor prep classes and will take his CGN test to become certified before the end of the summer.The CGN test  tests the dogs ability to behave amongst people and other dogs in  public and those who pass are rewarded with a certificate and the letters CGN after there names.Thus if Bing passes he will no long be just Bing but will instead officially be crowned BING, CGN or more formally Bullies In Need presents Binghamton Big Head the IV, CGN. 

In order to pass his test we will be practicing the following 12 exercises that dogs must perform during the CGN test:

  1. Accept a Friendly Stranger
  2. Politely Accepts Petting
  3. Accepts Grooming and Examination
  4. Walk Politely on a Loose Leash
  5. Walk Through a Crowd
  6. Sit/Down on Cue / Stay 6 Meters
  7. Come When Called
  8. Calm Down After Play
  9. Reaction to Passing Dog
  10. Reaction to Distractions (strollers, joggers, noises)
  11. Supervised Isolation (Handler leaves dog)
  12. Walking through Doorways/Gates

Bing will be studying and practicing hard for the next few weeks leading up to his CGN test please everyone wish us luck!

In other news. It is hot again so walks look like THIS:

and this

and frog legs (I love when he does this)

Nobody’s perfect: Mr. chill loses his cool

I want to be balanced in how I portray Bing and let potential adopter’s know of any less than perfect aspects about the Binger. It was really hard to find any faults (other than occasional bad gas and a proclivity towards stealing your spot on the couch if you get up) but I know of one situation when Mr. Cool Cumber Bing-a-ling goes nutty..

Bing is a laid back kinda guy most of the time. The type a guy who like’s the simpler things in life, sleeping, napping, resting in comfortable places, eating… He’s up for walks and training but also enjoys a good chill session and is always up for lounging..

While Ms. J is always on alert and gets exited at any quick movements and is ready to go into herding mode,Bing barely bats an eyelash in the face of excitement. Kids on long boards screaming and having a stick fight? “YAWN” says Bing. Child sprinting up to him out of nowhere and tapping him on the head? “No biggie.” Group of children petting Bing and flittering around excitedly? Bing’s paws remain firmly planted on the ground and instead of jumping all over the kids he gently leans in for more petting and wags his tail. Other dogs around? Bing is curious but isn’t interested in yanking my arm off to go say hi.

You know when people say “take a chill pill man” well, Bing has already taken his chill pill and is ready to chillax at all times.Well, that’s a lie..he is chill MOST of the time.

When Bing see’s some of his favorite wildlife friends outside his chill pill suddenly wears off and he loses his cool. SQUIRREL! CHIPMUNK! DEER! Bing’s whole body quivers when he see’s them. Sometimes he screams in excitement. The other day he pulled me over to a tree and jumped/climbed almost 7 feet trying to chase a chipmunk. I had no idea that this coach potato was capable of such high level athletic endeavors!  He has an amazingly quick on/off switch and it activates within seconds of seeing wildlife and deactivates immediately on finding a couch/bed to lay on.Ducks and birds don’t do it for him…just the furry one’s. On my elementary school report cards I often got “Needs Improvement” (rather than “Excellent” or “Satisfactory”). While Bing get’s an “excellent” in many categories his squirrel/chipmunk behavior is DEFINITELY in need of improvement.

These chipmunks elicit NO response from Bing 


These chipmunks are a different story..


Oh and PLEASE no pet squirrels or chipmunks in his adoptive home. Bing definitely needs a chippy and squirrel free home 😉

Here is Bing on squirrel watch this morning



Mr. Sensitivity: Hot, hot, hot!

It’s been a lot warmer this week and Bing has shown himself to be quite sensitive to the heat.  This is what a regular walk (and after) looks like with Bing when the temperature rises

Bing slows right down and moves slowly indicating that he needs a break. I oblige and he lays in the grass. Here he is observing a construction site. He also did a lot of rolling in the grass and grunting and charmed several passerby’s into petting him. Bing was particularly fond of a man with missing teeth pushing a cart with fishing gear who stopped to rub his tummy.

Another walk and another laying down break for the Binger. He was observing all the people milling around the park.

When Bing get’s home he passes out.

TOO TIRED TO MOVE. Jersey does not look impressed by his behavior

Sometimes he passes out on the floor and sometimes on the couch. He was not pleased that I disturbed his sleep to take this picture

Bing generally remains passed out in a near coma post walk ignoring Jersey shoving toys in his face until dinner time or if I bring out a treat. In these cases he goes from sluggish/sloth like to alert in an instant

I am guessing that when the real heat waves start hitting Bing is barely going to make it to to the end of the block and back. Poor Mr. sensitive Bing. He is definitely going to want air conditioning this summer too.

Bing has a hot date: Weekend update

My little man Bing is growing up fast. He had his first real date on Saturday. I helped him pick out his outfight (naked with a blue and yellow argyle collar) and made sure his baby blue muzzle didn’t have too much dirt on it and we set off on our way. Being a young man I didn’t think it appropriate to send him of on his own and ensured that both the young lady and him were chaperoned. His date was a lovely black pit bull (and Bullies in Need alumni Quill) and they were quite the pair in there fancy collars (she was clad in cheetah print) and muzzles. They mostly ignored one another but were content to walk side by side on leash.I consider this date a great success! No they weren’t pulling to get to each other or trying to play but I always consider it a WIN when dogs are content to just be around one another and not react.

After his date we went to the pet store where he charmed everyone with his calm demeanor and managed to score lots and lots of treats from store employees. He’s a smooth operator when it comes to coning people into doling out treats and petting. No jumping up or barking for this boy. Instead he works his puppy dog eyes and quietly leans into people for petting (and treats). Smooth Bing. Smooth.

After his big date, walk and eating his weight in cookies at the pet store Bing was falling asleep while standing and I nearly needed to carry him home. He stopped a few times for a roll in the grass/lay down but with my words of encouragement he was able to complete the three minutes walk from the subway station unassisted. He came home and promptly passed out for the rest of the day. Typical man.

So so so tired