Bull in a new city

This week Bing has been on VACATION visiting my parents and sister. He is in heaven here but he was not feeling too heavenly on the five-hour drive to my parents. Lucky me BOTH dogs are nervous in the car and want to sit on me for comfort

Bing and Jersey on my lap= so MUCH fun

Oh look an EMPTY seat right next to me and the two dogs on my knee. I am sure the car was tilting to one side with all three of us huddled on one side

WOW an empty seat

While Bing shows no fear on the subway, streetcar and bus he gets very nervous in the car and shakes, drools and looks very queasy so before we left on the long drive I gave him a gravol and withheld food. The good news is that Bing finally got off my lap.

Look Bing you can have your own SEAT and WINDOW

And Jersey looked very smug indeed at having won the ultimate prize-my lap

Jersey enjoying the view from my lap

I will save you the details but let’s just say that I am thankful we put a blanket down to cover the back seat. Poor Bing! Lesson learned always bring extra towels and paper towels when travelling with dogs.

After surviving the traumatic car ride Bing has been having the time of his life visiting my parents. He has been running from room to room astonished at all the beds, couches and chairs to curl up in (quite a change from my tiny apartment) and trying out every single one of them. He loves sniffing around the postage stamp sized backyard and trying to lick the BBQ (just to see if there are any left overs) on the deck. But his favorite part of my parent’s house is the big bay window

Bing in his bay window

One thing learned from observing Bing sitting in the window surveying the neighborhood is that Bing is NOT a guard dog. The other day I watched him see the mailman walk up our driveway and on to our step and drop the mail in the box with a clang and Bing did NOTHING. Not a growl or bark, no concerned looks and barely a raised eyebrow. He just sits there all day watching the world pass by.

Lest you think Bing-a-ling has spent his vacation lounging around in his bay window eating bon bon’s he has also put in lots of time pounding the pavement visiting various pet establishments. He made an appearance at the neighborhood dog-friendly cafe Wag and received lots of treats and attention. Later in the day he headed over to Critter Jungle pet store to pick up a snazzy new rain coat (complete with hood) and some treats. Today he headed over to Global Pet Foods on Wellington for a nail trim and some treats and got some more attention and treats from people working at and visiting the store (liver this time!). Sneaky Bing managed to slip a more expensive chew in his muzzle (how I don’t know) and started nibbling on it so he got a treat I hadn’t planned on buying. How could I get mad at him when he looked so proud of himself for nabbing a chew with his muzzle on?

In other news tomorrow is my last day with Bing before he leaves me to fly to British Columbia, Canada (after a brief stop over with some lovely BIN ladies) stay tuned for more details on this…